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Bluetrek BIZZ Slim 3-in-1 Bluetooth Headset, with USB Flash Memory Device, Micro SD Card, Car Charger, 6 Earbuds, and Neckstrap Review

December 6, 2010 1 comment
Posted by Graphic Cards on 11/30/2010 @ Noise Cancelling Headset blogspot
Bluetrek BIZZ Slim 3-in-1 Bluetooth Headset, with USB Flash Memory Device, Micro SD Card, Car Charger, 6 Earbuds, and Neckstrap
Pros:Small, Secure, comfortable fit, ease of charging, micro SDHC storage/reader
Cons: none, (for me anyway)

The BlueTrek BIZZ is the fourth bluetooth headset I have used in the last two years or so…

Ive tried/used a Jabra,(that came free with my old Treo 650, that fit well and discreetly, behind the ear, but never worked all that well.), next, I bought a Plantronics Voyager 510, (good incoming sound and fit, but big and cumbersome), and then, the first, completely over-hyped, Alph Jawbone, (poor fit, and incoming sound volume way too low.)

So, I was more than a bit sceptical when I ordered the BIZZ. for use with my Treo 650s replacement, the Centro.

I couldnt have been more happily surprised by this product.

For me, the largest of the four included ergobuds, and larger of the two provided earhooks, provides a very comfortable and secure fit. (the earhook is almost not needed, but I work outside and on the water, so I need the added security the earhook provides.)

The BIZZ is small, lightweight and comfortable. So much so, that I have forgotten I was wearing it on more than one occasion.

Incoming call sound is great, Ive even had to turn it down, due to it being too loud. It has the best incoming sound of all the above headsets Ive used. Volume is controlled by the Centros side volume buttons, which I like, as I have always found the tiny volume buttons on most headsets hard to use, anyway. So, I dont miss the fact that there are no dedicated volume buttons on the BIZZ.

Outgoing sound has also been reported to me as being quite good, the messages I left on, my landline voicemail were very clear as well. I found this result surprising as the BIZZ does not have any kind of noise canceling tech built in. (Calls were made in the car, windows up, AC and radio on, as well as outside in light wind conditions.

Charging is so easy and simply done, it borders on revolutionary. Simply pull the unit apart and insert it into any USB port and it starts to charge. I happily tossed all the other headsets charging bricks/adapters and cables/cords in the desk drawer, and I wont miss them. More accessories should charge this easily and simply.

I charge the headset once a week, and use it about 30mins to an hour a day and have never seen the red “low batt” led blink once, yet. Oh, and the muli color, (red/blue charging/in use/low batt LED, and yellow data transfer LED, are located under a “smoke” black cover, and are very discreet. (actually, they are completely invisible when not lit.) No more, blinking, blue, strobe light, hanging off your ear, like some kind of cyborg-geek. …and the LED indicators very rarely blink, which is refreshing in a bluetooth headset. The headset also comes with a handy USB car charger/adapter for use on the road.

Lastly, the ability to store/read a microSDHC memory card in the headset is an added, and very handy bonus, that works very well
Just plug the BIZZ into any available USB port, and the dedicated yellow LED transfer light comes on, and a folder opens up on the desktop. The BIZZ supports up to 8gb micro SDHC memory cards.

This is a great little headset! (… and if BlueTrek could enable/add the ability to transfer files via bluetooth to/from the Centro wirelessly… Well, that truly would be revolutionary!) But, even without that feature, this is a very good headset with some truly cool and useful features.

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Product Description:
The Bluetrek BIZZ is a headset that comes complete with a SD flash memory drive so when you are not on your mobile you can be saving your data. Pop the protective cap and the headset reveals a 2.0 USB connection that is compatible with microSD cards up to 8Gb.The Bluetrek BIZZ is a Bluetooth headset which offers up to 6 hours talk time with 10 days of standby time. However it is also a USB flash memory device and a microSD reader.Your headset is charged via USB, but you can also recharge your headset in the car using an optional car charger (not included).Box Contents:- Bluetrek BIZZ USB Flash Memory Bluetooth Headset- x 3 Ergobuds- lanyard/cordon- USB cable- x 2 Earhooks

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BlueTrek Bizz Bluetooth Headset with mircoSD Card Slot

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Posted by Carey Tsui on Nov 13, 2009 @ TechNow

Bluetrek Bizz1

Bizz對應藍牙2.1標準,其使用方式跟傳統藍牙耳機無異,取下耳機位置便能看到USB介面,用以連接電腦及作充電使用。產品提供一個Micro SDHC插槽,最高支援8GB的Micro SD記憶卡,傳送資料時會亮起黃色提示燈。

查詢:冠恒集團 3185 1030

Bluetrek Bizz1 藍牙耳機USB手指二合為一          Bluetrek Bizz2 藍牙耳機USB手指二合為一

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Bluetrek Bizz Review

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Bluetrek Bizz Bluetooth Headset-Review

April 19, 2010 1 comment

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BlueTrek Bizz Bluetooth Unboxing

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Bluetrek Bizz

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