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Bluetrek Carbon and SPEAKY @ PC Market issue 970

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Bluetrek Carbon @ AV magazine HK, issue 502

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Blue­trek: Blue­tooth Gear From Play­ful to Pro­fes­sion­al

When we first start­ed look­ing at Blue­tooth head­sets and speak­er­phones, there wasn’t a lot of va­ri­ety. Most gear looked and felt pret­ty sim­i­lar, of­fer­ing com­pet­i­tive au­dio qual­i­ty, and lit­tle to dif­fer­en­ti­ate them. But one of the first to re­al­ly stand out in the au­to­mo­tive speak­er­phone space was the Sur­face Sound Com­pact, a classy unit that of­fered best-in-class per­for­mance.


Much has changed since then- bet­ter mi­cro­phones and per­for­mance, bat­tery life, and aes­thet­ics. But the com­pa­ny be­hind that love­ly piece has pushed in­to new ar­eas, and we’ve got two of their lat­est prod­ucts on hand to test. One of them is a lit­tle goofy, while the oth­er is one of the lighter head­sets that we’ve seen.

We’ll start with the Blue­trek Speaky. This lit­tle guy of­fers a style that isn’t for ev­ery­one- avail­able in two col­ors, bright pink or black, he comes em­bla­zoned with a mes­sage in­stead of a lo­go. Meant to sit on your dash­board, we were pret­ty skep­ti­cal- he seemed like­ly to be prone to tip­ping, and the un­usu­al mi­cro­phone and speak­er place­ment made it seem like an odd de­sign. Set­up was easy, pair­ing to our iPhone re­quired no PIN, and then we hit the road. In­clud­ed in the pack­age are the usu­al ac­ces­sories- Speaky charges via your car’s built-in cigarette lighter, and comes with vel­cro stick­ers to help him stay in place. Both worked fine, as did the nifty mo­tion sen­sor that ac­ti­vates the unit au­to­mat­i­cal­ly and lets him fall asleep af­ter 5 min­utes of in­ac­tiv­i­ty. We loved that you could an­swer a call by press­ing on his bel­ly, and ad­just vol­ume us­ing his arm- they didn’t al­ways work per­fect­ly but were good enough.

Blue­tooth 3.0 sup­port is built-in, though we weren’t im­pressed by au­dio qual­i­ty (the speak­er was def­i­nite­ly a bit muf­fled, the mi­cro­phone de­cent but with lit­tle noise-can­celling and per­haps af­fect­ed neg­a­tive­ly by place­ment). Bat­tery life is de­cent, at six hours of talk time, but this is a hands free de­vice that you should choose or re­ject most­ly based on style. The price is de­cent, run­ning un­der $60, and Speaky is avail­able now on­line and in stores.

For those in need of a more pro­fes­sion­al, ev­ery­day so­lu­tion, Blue­trek’s Car­bon Blue­tooth head­set of­fers a great bal­ance of weight, bat­tery life, price, qual­i­ty, and style. We’ve seen tons of head­sets, of­fer­ing ev­ery­thing from Star Trek looks to re­al­ly sol­id per­for­mance in windy con­di­tions, but this one of­fers some­thing new. Of course, car­bon fiber is par­tial­ly a mar­ket­ing gim­mick- but it does look cool, and is su­per lightweight, both of which are put to good use here. A 2012 CES In­no­va­tions Award Win­ner, this mod­el is a sol­id con­tender. Weigh­ing on­ly 5.9 grams, the bat­tery life is nonethe­less de­cent at four or so hours, and it of­fers many of the usu­al Blue­tooth ex­tras, in­clud­ing Mul­ti­point (al­low­ing you to con­nect two de­vices si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly), sim­pli­fied no-pin pair­ing, and voice alerts. Un­for­tu­nate­ly, there is no A2DP, but it’s a head­set and not a set of head­phones, so we don’t re­al­ly rec­om­mend us­ing the Car­bon for mu­sic lis­ten­ing. Voice qual­i­ty is im­pres­sive; folks on the oth­er end gave high marks to clar­i­ty and it out­per­formed many (but not all) oth­ers in noise can­cel­la­tion. Wind noise was worse than some oth­ers, though, so con­sid­er your like­ly con­di­tions be­fore pur­chas­ing. Al­so, we did no­tice some fuzz and muf­fling on our end dur­ing calls, re­gard­less of de­vice type con­nect­ed.

Com­fort, al­ways im­por­tant when you’re go­ing to be hav­ing some­thing sit in your ear for a long pe­ri­od of time, was pret­ty good. The light weight and de­cent bal­ance helped, as did the va­ri­ety of ear tip sizes in­clud­ed. And an over-the-ear hook is in­clud­ed as well. Over­all, the Car­bon was re­al­ly close to ex­cel­lent- there was a lot to like here, and at a price around half of that of some oth­ers, we like where Blue­trek is go­ing. With a dis­tinc­tive and at­trac­tive de­sign, it’s a deal at un­der $60, avail­able on­line now.

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Bluetrek Carbon Review @

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Süsinikutorukesed peavarustuses – Bluetrek Carbon

(Arvutimaailm 9/11)

Bluetrek Carbon on mitmes mõttes uutmoodi peakomplekt. See, et tegemist on esimese Bluetoothiga peakomplektiga, mis valmistatud süsinikkiust torukesest, on üks hea asi. Kuid mugav on omadus alles telefonihelina peale see sisse lülitades kõne kohe vastu võtta.

Alla kuue grammi kaaluv üliväikeseks surutud Bluetrek Carbon on niimoodi tasakaalustatud, et ehkki komplektist leiab kõrva taha käiva sangakese, pole tegelikult seda vajagi. Kerge ja kummiadapteritega peavarustus seisab kõrvas ka sangata. See on hea prillikandjatele – kõrva taga ei pea hoidma mitmeid sangasid. Noise Lock mürasummutus töötas tõesti mugavalt – ka peale puhudes polnud erilist müra kõne teises otsas kuulda.

Karbis pole palju kaasas – mõned kummiotsikud, sang (kui seda on tahtmist kasutada), klamber „pastakana“ taskuserva külge kinnitamiseks ja väike vutlar. Väliskülg seadmel on üks suur nupp, millega saab kõnesid vastu võtta. Hoides 2 s all, saab hääljuhtimisega, kui telefon toetab, käsklusi jagada. Eestikeelsete nimede arusaamist ei maksa alati loota.

Telefoniga ühendamine käib lihtsalt. Kahe seadme toetus on mõistagi sellise hinnaklassi seadmel ka olemas. Sisselülitamine on mehaanilisest nupust ja see on mugav sellepärast, et nii on alati teada, kas seade on sees või väljas. Tegelikult võib peavarustuse lausa välja lülitada ja alles telefoni helistades kõrva tagant sisse lülitada – Bluetooth 3.0-ga seade suudab kohe kõnele vastata. Helivaljuse ja vaigistamise nupp on veidi pisike, aga harjunult juba kergesti sõrmega tabatav.

Aku jaoks ei paista kompaktses peakomplektis küll mingit ruumi olevat, aga ometi peab see tabletisuurune seade vastu kuni 5 päeva. Kui pidevalt sees ei hoia ja vaid kõne vastuvõtuks sisse lülitada, siis kõneaega lubatakse 4,5 tundi, seega võib nädalaid laadimata kasutada, kui väga suur lobamokk pole. Reaalses elus oli aku kestvus küll veidi väiksem, aga mitte väga. Neljanda päeva venitas ilusti õhtusse.

Üks vähestest asjadest, mida ette heita, on vast see, et välisküljel vilkuvaid siniseid ja punaseid LED-tulukesi ei saa välja lülitada. Pimedal sügistänaval ei tahaks ju käia nagu varajane jõulupuu. Ka hind võib tunduda veidi kallis, aga tegemist on ikkagi ülimalt kompaktse ja mugava seadmega – pigem neile, kes seda kõrgemat hinda ei vaata.


BLUETREK Carbon is in many ways a new kind of headset. The fact that this is the first Bluetooth headset, which made the tubes of carbon fiber. However, a convenient feature is still ringing after you turn it in immediately for adoption.

Weighing less than six grams of ultra-low carbon is compressed a balanced way, finds that do not really need to attached the earhook to the ear. This is a good spectacle – not to be kept behind the ear a number of handles. Noise Lock reducing measures worked really comfortable – even after blowing did not hear the noise from the other end.

Not much comes in the box – rubber earbuds, the pen clip to attach to the edge of the pocket and a small pouch. The outside face of the device has one big button that you can receive calls. Keeping under 2 seconds, you can voice when the phone supports commands split.

Turning on the mechanical button and it is convenient because it is always a way to know whether the device is on or off. In fact it can even be turned off and only turn on the phone calling from behind the ear – with a Bluetooth 3.0 device will be able to answer immediately. Sound volume and mute button is a bit small, but already used to easily hit with the finger.

For the battery does not seem to be no room for a compact headset though, but still it a tablet device in up to 5 days. If not hold on for the reception and the call is switched on, allows 4.5 hours of talk time, so it can be used for weeks without recharging, if the gossip is not very large. In real life, battery life was slightly lower, but not great. Nice to spend the fourth day dragged.

One of the few things to be criticized is the fact that outside of the flashing blue and red LED can not turn off. Autumn in the dark on the street do not want to move like an early Christmas tree. Also, the price may seem a little expensive, but it is still an extremely compact and convenient device – rather than those who do not look at a higher price.


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Bluetrek Carbon and MusiCALL available in Yahoo Taiwan Online Shop

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Bluetrek Carbon – lightens your ear load @ The Vancouver Sun

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It’s difficult for Bluetooth headset manufacturers to innovate because the technology is fundamentally simple. Drivers wear the device in their ear in order to allow for hands-free telephone calls while operating a motor vehicle. How different can one product be from another? For Bluetrek, the answer can be measured in grams, as its new Carbon Bluetooth Headset is the first ever to be made from carbon fibre, providing a lighter, stronger product that is more comfortable to wear for hours at a time. It utilizes Bluetooth 3.0, features voice alerts, multi-point technology, which allows for simultaneous connection with two Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, and simplified pairing that requires no PIN codes to set up. There isn’t a whole lot in the internal feature specifications that separates this device from its competitors, and therein lies the real threat that these products may increasingly become commodities.

Fortunately, Bluetrek has staved off this evolution for one more production generation as the carbon fibre construction is very smart, and it will position this lightweight device to rise above its peers. $70; visit

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Bluetrek has won 2 CES Innovations Awards 2012

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You may also download the PDF version here.

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