1. How to adjust the sound quality?

1. Make sure that you are within the 10-meter limit and that there are not too many obstacles.
2. You may be too close to other radio wave interferences (the headset has an emission power of 2.5mWatt which is 400 times weaker than a normal mobile phone).
3. Move away from all possible sources of interference like a microwave oven or wireless keyboard, which may operate with the 2.4 GHz technology (same frequency as Bluetooth).
4. It is strongly recommended
that you wear headset and phone on the same side of the body.
Don’t keep your hand on the headset unless necessary.

2. How do I adjust the speaker volume of the headset?

To increase the volume during an active call, press the “Vol +” button on the headset. To decrease the volume during an active call, press the “Vol -” button on the headset.

3. What’s the pairing pin code?

Please be informed that the default pin code of our products is “0000” and it cannot be changed by end users. If the passcode cannot be accepted by your phone, please delete the current connection and try to pair again.

4. What is microSDHC?

The microSDHC (SD High Capacity) card is the new microSD memory card based on the SDA 2.00 specification, introduced by the SD Card Association.

This new SDA 2.00 specification enables microSDHC cards to reach higher capacities (remark: this device supports up to 8G memory)

Bluetrek Bizz is a microSDHC compatible host devices.

Physically, a microSD and a microSDHC memory card are of the same size in shape, however, a microSDHC memory card is recognized by microSDHC compliant host devices, differently then standard microSD cards. The microSDHC memory cards can only work with microSDHC compatible host devices and they are not backwards compatible with legacy SD format host devices but SD memory cards (Version 1.1) are forward compatible with new microSDHC host devices.

5. Can I transfer a file or MP3 via the Bluetooth® headset?
No. Our Bluetooth® headsets can only work with voice profile (headset and handsfree profile) but not data profile (eg: document / Jpeg / MP3). That means you can use the headset via Bluetooth technology for your Skype, MSN or internet phone but cannot transfer a photo or a song to your devices.

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