Question: What language does my crescendo supported?

Answer: Bluetrek Crescendo is currently support American English, French and German so far, and more languages will be available shortly. For latest firmware, please visit:


Question: I can’t turn on my Crescendo after failure in firmware upgrade. What can I do?

Answer: It is related the firmware problem, please contact our technical support team at for assistant.


Question: How can I make my Crescendo able to send message and email by voice command?

Answer: Download apps is a way to maximize the function of your smarty Crescendo! Dial2do application allow your Crescendo to communicate, send text messaging and email by voice, update Facebook, add reminder etc. For full feature list, you can visit:

For Bluetrek Crescendo user, you can get 60 days FREE access to experience the Smart Dial2Do Application, please contact us at to get the FREE access code!


Question: Where can I get more information about the crescendo Apps and firmware upgrade?

Answer: Click on: .


Question: I want to do the firmware upgrade, when I plug my Crescendo to the computer, it became charging mode. How can I change it as a firmware upgrade mode?

Answer: To do firmware upgrade, you need to switch your headset to firmware upgrade mode. Connect the headset with your computer by provided USB cable. Press the main button and volume up button simultaneously for few seconds. The indicate light will change it as purple.

For firmware upgrade procedure, please click for demo :


Question: When my mobile phone search the Crescendo, it promoted for a passcode / passkey. What is the code?

Answer: The passcode for Crescendo is “0000” (four zeros)


Question: I can’t pair my headset to my device and nothing can be heard after paired?


  1. Please try to pair your headset once again.
  2. Please be sure you activated the pair mode.
  3. Please check your headset compatibility list in our website, and please be making sure your headset is in our compatibility list.
  4. Please email us at for further techical support.


Question: My Crescendo headset cannot turn on after charge. Red LED light keep blinking during charging.

Answer: When the RED LED light keep blinking during charging, it means your battery is over discharge. Press Main Button and Vol- button simultaneously during charging for reset the scheme. The RED LED should be on after reset.

If the problem still occurs, please contact Bluetrek technical support for help.


Question: How to set and save my favorite number to crescendo?

Answer:  There are 2 ways to save your favorite number to your crescendo.

Method 1: Simply set up the Speed Dial list on your mobile phone

(Please refer to your mobile phone’s User Manual to learn how to input them)

If your mobile phone do not have / support Speed Dial list, you can :

Method 2: Save favorite number on Crescendo headset

A phone number can be saved as a favorite after you have received an incoming call from that number.

  1. Press once on the Main Button, wait for the “Say a command “prompt to finish, then say “Settings menu” command
  2. Say “Save Favorite” command, you will hear the instruction message from the headset and be asked to tell the favorite position.
  3. Say the position you preferred like “Call Favorite 1”, you will hear the confirmation message from the headset
  4. Answer “Yes” and the phone number will be saved as your favorite.
Favorite Number Position Voice command
1 Call Favorite 1 / Call Voicemail
2 Call Favorite 2
3 Call Favorite 3
4 Call Favorite 4
5 Call Favorite 5
6 Call Home
7 Call Office

*If you want to remove all favorite numbers set under the headset, you can reset the software by pressing the Main button and VOL + button for around 7 seconds.

NOTE : If you have set a favorite number in the mobile phone’s speed dial list and headset favorite list at same position, when you say the “Call favorite“ command, the number saved in the headset will be taken finally.


Question: Can I remove all favorite numbers from my crescendo?

Answer:  Yes, you can reset the software by pressing the Main button and VOL + button for around 7 seconds. All favorite numbers will be erased from your crescendo.

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