X3 Pro

Question: How to charge my X3 Pro, I can’t find any USB slot… 

Answer: The USB slot is located on the top of the headset protected by a cap for splash resistant. To charge the X3 Pro, you  have to open the cap, connect your headset to power outlet/ PC by provided charger/ USB cable for 2 hours continually, RED indictor light will be turn on when charging. The RED indictor light will off when charging finished. 



Question: How to close X3 Pro USB cover 

Answer: The USB cap is used to protect the USB socket for splash resistant. After charging, please close the cap accordingly. Simply push the cap down and close. See below demo for details. 



Question: When my mobile phone search the X3 Pro, it promoted for a  passcode / passkey. What is the code?  

Answer: The passcode for X3 Pro is “0000” (four zeros)   



Question: I can’t hear anything from the headset? 


Please check with… 

  1. Check the volume level on your mobile phone and headset.
  2. Make sure that you activated Bluetooth device and paired with your device properly.
  3. Bluetooth icon and Headset connected icon () normally shown on your screen/ desktop once you activated and connected with Bluetooth headset.
  4. Please check your headset compatibility list in our website, http://www.bluetrek.com/product_info.php?id=8#compatibility 
  5. For further technical support, contact us at support@bluetrek.com


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