Bluetrek Tattoo+ and Metal Evolution can now be found in the Challenger stores, Singapore

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The new generation of carbon fiber Bluetooth headset – Bluetrek Carbon Smart

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新一代碳纖維藍牙耳機 BLUETREK Carbon Smart上市

發表時間:2012-07-11 19:50

由於手機和平板電腦,如iPhone 和iPad 迅速改變我們的生活,BLUETREK 更有效地推進我們保持聯繫的方式。新一代的藍牙耳機已成為配合各式智能裝置的必需品。 BLUETREK 為了滿足客人這方面的需求,推出新一代碳纖維的BLUETREK Carbon Smart 以增進用家的完美體驗。

The Carbon Smart,跟Carbon 一樣, 獲得相同的設計獎項。以滿足擁有智能手機和平板電腦的用家多方面的需求。除支援藍牙A2DP 版本外,Carbon Smart 更可同時接聽電話及播放多媒體音樂,podcasts 和其它音響播放。快速充電技術,令用家在分秒必爭的生活中, 以15分鐘的快速充電功能去換取高達2.5小時的通話時間,Carbon Smart 更可以在低於1小時的時間內完全充電。

新一代碳纖維藍牙耳機 BLUETREK Carbon Smart 上市
備有BLUETREK 藍牙耳機的專利技術,包括最新的藍牙3.0技術,以及先進的NoiseLock 降噪技術,令耳機能提供極速配對、延長通話時間及增強話音清晰。Carbon Smart 藍牙耳機內置語音提示功能,備有英語、西班牙語、普通話或法文,更有常用的”beep”模式。
新一代碳纖維藍牙耳機 BLUETREK Carbon Smart 上市
Carbon Smart 已於Fortress 豐澤、 NOBLETIME、 Computer Gallery 電腦廊、 Circle Digital、 CHEAPY 節拍、UN2、 山手線、利基(澳門)發售。

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Titanium+ got coverage in EastTouch magazine HK, issue 890, 19 Jun 2012

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Bluetrek Titanium+ is now available!

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We proudly announce that the Titanium+, the latest award-winning Bluetooth headset from Bluetrek, have been shipped out and hit store shelves today. The Titanium+ finished in luxurious, ultra-light and beautifully balanced design lets you stand out from the crowd.

Support for the Bluetooth Handsfree and A2DP profiles allow the Titanium+ to be used for both phone conversations and streaming music from mobile phones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices like tablets.

The Titanium+ provides 3 hours of talk time with a fast charging feature that can provide 1.5 hours of talk time on demand with a rapid 15-minute charge. It can now be found in stores at the price of USD 64.99.

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Bluetrek X3Pro Review from

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Bluetrek X3Pro Bluetooth Headset

The well-liked line of Bluetrek Bluetooth earpieces are recognized for their efficient sound-cancelling feature. Bluetrek has created this headset to be drinking water-resistant. Numerous Bluetooth users say that the most typical way of harmful your headset is by exposing it to water- so this is a useful function to have in a Bluetooth headset. In comparison to the other devices, the X3Pro is quite smaller sized and has added comfort functions.

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Bluetrek Carbon and SPEAKY @ PC Market issue 970

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Bluetrek Carbon @ AV magazine HK, issue 502

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