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AM 730, 新科玩- 專利NoiseLock抗噪技術Bluetrek Crescendo & X3 Pro

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Bluetrek 最強抗噪智能藍芽耳機 發佈會

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4月21日推出的3款產品除擁有專利NoiseLock ™ 抗噪技術外, 每款更有其獨特之處,均能提供最優質的話音通訊,為藍牙耳機通訊開創流動新體驗!

Bluetrek Crescendo
Bluetrek Crescendo是全球首部支援應用程式下載的藍芽耳機,用戶日後可透過軟件更新下載更多軟件,Crescendo內置語音識別及應答系統,不需經過任何訓練或設定,語音識別系統可識別高達95%不同口音的英語。

Crescendo是全球首部可提供聲控程式下載的耳机,於美國發佈時已有Microsoft Bing™ voice search engine, Dial2Do™, traffic511, 及多款不同語言的語音識別系統可供選擇下載。唯香港暫時只提供Dial2Do™ 服務

建議零售價 港幣 $768

Bluetrek X3 Pro

Bluetrek X3 Pro全密封式設計的X3 Pro 通過國際IP54防水防汗防塵及耐衝擊性認証,以高級物料及技術製造,堅固耐用,即使離地10米跌下的衝擊力,也不為機身添上一道刮痕,即使身處高達80分貝環境噪音 (噪音水平等同於在繁忙的街道上),仍能有效地消除背景嘈音,保持清晰通話。

建議零售價 港幣 $468

Bluetrek Metal Evolution

luetrek Metal 於今年1 月香港工商業獎典禮中榮獲消費產品設計獎。Metal Evolution 升級版,保留其輕薄外型, 新增NoiseLock™ 抗噪功能,使俱備外在美之餘,有效地消除高達80分貝的環境噪音 (噪音水平等同於在繁忙的街道上),保持優質通話。被評為全球最輕、最薄鋁合金耳機,只有4毫米的厚度,僅5.5克的重量是最時尚的藍芽耳機。

建議零售價 港幣 $399



Win Cool Stuff 22 – Bluetrek Crescendo Bluetooth Headset

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To win one, email with the appropriate subject line mentioned in the video. Enter to win by April 30, 2010.

Bluetrek Crescendo Bluetooth Headset Review

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BlueTrek Bluetooth Headsets Get Smart CES 2010

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Posted by 12:52PM on January 15, 2010 @ geeknews

Have you ever had the need to read email, tweet or text while you are driving? With the news Bluetrek Bluetooth headset you can now do so.The technology behind the Concerto Headset is a proprietary hands-free, voice-activated messaging platform by Dial2Do that is accessed by dialing a network access number.

For the person that is on the go and largely on the move this may be a headset and service you will want to check out.

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Bluetrek Crescendo Bluetooth headset: Supports Apps

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 February 25, 2010 By: Jamie Pert @ Product Reviews Net

Bluetrek have recently unveiled a new Bluetooth headset, this headset is called the ‘Bluetrek Crescendo Bluetooth headset’ it is pretty unique as it is “the world’s first to support online app store uploads”.

Supported applications will be accessible via the Talk2Me App Store, these apps should increase the functionality offered by this headset, one extra function will dictate received texts messages to the headset.

As for the headset’s standard functionality and features it will block out up to 85dB of noise via its NoiseLock technology, the headset will also offer up to seven days of standby time, or five hours of talk time.