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BlueTrek Metal Bluetooth Headset

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   Award of Excellence

Wed Oct 22, 2008 – 9:11 AM EDT – By Neal Martin @ 


Bluetooth headsets are the rage today. More and more people are discovering the convenience of hands-free communication and manufacturers are aware of this – and fighting for your money! With literally hundreds of Bluetooth headsets available on the market today, just what are YOU looking for in a Bluetooth headset, and what makes for the perfect headset for you? 
Having used many Bluetooth headsets, I’ve never found one that is ‘perfect’ for ME. Don’t get me wrong, there are some VERY good Bluetooth headsets available from the TreoCentral Store – I’ve just never tried one that fit MY ears. Well, never until I found the Bluetrek Metal! Why is it the PERFECT headset for me? Read on! 


The Bluetrek Metal’s list of specifications leaves nothing to be desired. With a talk time of 5 hours and a standby time of 7 days, your headset should always be ready for that call! The unit measures .5″ wide by 2″ tall and has a thickness of only 4mm – roughly the same as 3 credit cards! As for weight, well, the Bluetrek Metal weighs in at a mere 5.5g or .19 ounces – VERY lightweight! It’s Bluetooth V2.0 and has an approximate range of 10 meters or roughly 33 feet. 

In the Box

My Bluetrek Metal came with the headset, 6 different sized ear gels, a belt clip, 2 different sized ear hooks, a USB adapter for charging and a 4″ extender, a car charger and a QuickStart guide. 

The Bluetrek Metal is available in black aluminum black with silver, and a silver stainless steel – I chose the black for my review. It looks like the TC Store only has the Black color at the moment though. 

Charging the Unit

The Bluetrek Metal headset came with a USB adapter for charging, which allows you to simply cap the end of the headset and plug it directly into your USB port for charging. Also included is a 4″ extender, in case the unit won’t fit directly into your USB port for some reason. There is also a car charger into which you plug the headset and USB adapter for charging. The 4″ extender can also be used here, if desired. Once charged, the small red charging indicator light goes off. As I stated earlier, once charged, the unit has a talk time of roughly 5 hours and a stand-by time of about a week – not bad! 

Wearing the Unit

At only 5.5 grams, this headset is ULTRA-light! Also, there are no less than SIX different sizes of ear gels included! THIS is what I referred to in my overview that makes this headset perfect for ME! The headset comes with 2 ear hooks, one slightly larger than the other – which makes wearing the headset more secure if you’re worried about it falling out of your ear. I prefer not to wear the ear hook at all, as the unit just seems made for my ears and stays in place perfectly! 

The headset comes with a belt clip, with an easy-release clip, which allows you the convenience of carrying the headset on your belt – OR clip it to your pocket, your sleeve, your purse, etc. The headset clips securely into the USB adapter which allows you to attach it to a USB port for charging. The USB adapter is also used to anchor the headset to the belt clip once the unit is fully charged. The built-in microphone is nestled along side the USB charging contacts of the headset. 

As I stated, the unit weighs in at only 5.5 grams. So, other than the feel of the soft ear gel in your ear, it’s hard to tell you’re even wearing this headset! It’s so comfortable, in fact, that you may forget you’re wearing it. My brother often walks around with his headset in, having forgotten that he’s wearing it. He’d probably wear the Bluetrek Metal all the time, maybe even to bed – it’s that comfortable! 

Using the Unit

After hooking up the Bluetrek Metal to the car charger (pictured above), I set off on a drive to Walmart. I had my wife call me on my Centro so I could answer the call with the Bluetrek headset. The phone rang and I hit the talk button, the middle button at the top of the unit, and was talking. The sound was crystal clear! The volume was a bit low, so I hit the volume up button, which is located beside the talk button at the top of the unit. This unit has plenty of volume if needed. Turning the volume down is as easy as hitting the volume down button, located at the other side of the talk button. For optimal effectiveness, I’d recommend angling the headset towards your mouth and also try to keep the headset from pressing against your cheek while talking. It works in either scenario, it just seems to pick up your voice better if worn as described. 


As I mentioned earlier in my review, wearing the Bluetrek Metal headset feels as close to no headset in your ear as anything I’ve ever tried or heard about. With its light weight, good range, 5 hour talk time, 7 day standby time and metal finish that resists rusting and fading – the Bluetrek Metal offers the ultimate in Bluetooth headsets as far as I’m concerned. Also, its reasonable price tag of $59.99 doesn’t break the bank. 

My ONLY complaint, if you can call it that, is that I’ve found no consistant charging time. The instructions say when the red light goes out, the unit is fully charged. There are times when it looked charged and I’d touch it to remove the unit – and the red light would come back on and go off again after quite some time. I decided to just let the unit charge overnight and then I’m sure it’s fully charged for the next use. 

Want a Bluetooth headset that’s nearly as comfortable as wearing no headset, isn’t heavy or bulky, doesn’t look completely dorky and performs up there with the best of them? Then the Bluetrek Metal Bluetooth Headset is EXACTLY what you need! Buy one today! 










Criteria   Rating  
Sound Quality 5
Usability 5
Design 5
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)

  • Lightweight
  • Finish will not stain or fade
  • 6 different ear gel sizes for comfort
  • Includes USB adapter and belt clip
  • 5 hour talk time and 7 day stand-by time
  • Actually looks decent, as opposed to some headsets
  • Good clarity and range of use


  • Charging light seems a bit -iffy-
    Other than that, no complaints and I love it!


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    Bluetrek Metal hands free

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    Posted by Luke Edwards, 26 February 2009 @ FHM

    Don’t wanna look like a hands free using goon?

    Why’s it good? Until an invisible headset is invented, this is the next best thing. It’s just 4.2mm thick, weighs 5.5g and is made from non-allergic aluminium, so sensitive types won’t get a rash.

    Gimme: £30;

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    ScouseIrish Comment posted 26 hours ago

    Verk sleek

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    戴出健康花样 Bluetrek Metal薄金之选

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    更新日期:2009-07-29 11:15  来源:厂商供稿 作者:厂商





    法國 Bluetrek Metal 世界最薄藍芽耳機到貨 ~力易通HTC嘉義特約

    April 13, 2010 1 comment
     藍牙與Bluetrek的故事 2009/08/08 19:14 @ 嘉義力易通HTC PDA特約專賣店


    “藍牙”這個詞放在10年前的話,對世人來說能夠知道的寥寥無幾,這種情況在1999年的下半年有了跨越性的轉變。著名的業界巨頭微軟、摩托羅拉 、三康、朗訊與藍牙特別小組的五家公司共同發起並成立了藍牙技術推廣組織,這便掀起了藍牙普及的序章。






      法國ModeLabs Technologies Ltd公司。這家成立於2000年6月的公司,是專業的藍牙技術原廠,並且擁有著多項藍牙晶片技術的專利。


    Bluetrek Metal“世界最薄”,時尚、簡約的外觀,最薄處只有4.0mm 的厚度以及各種人性化的配件,給人一種難以抗拒的魅力。


    注意看4.0mm 的側面, 耳塞與內部特寫

     Bluetrek Metal大部分採用的是金屬剖光工藝,其他部分則是硬塑配合鋼琴烤漆,這樣的搭配一來讓耳機增添了許多時尚的氣息,二來僅有5.5g 的重量是不允許出現太多金屬材質的。另外該品有雅黑、炫銀兩種版本。

    Bluetrek Metal的配件設計,能夠體會到其人性化十足的一面。兩個組裝的耳掛、6個大小不同的耳塞、隨即卡口夾都能夠和耳機隨意組合,很好的方便了大家的使用。另外這款耳機的開關機鍵和音量調節鍵設計的非常簡約。





      Bluetrek Metal(規格 )


    藍牙耳機技術標準   2.0
    傳輸範圍 10米 
    其他功能 機身上僅有通話鍵和音量加減鍵,可以最快捷的方式完成各類通話,在有效距離內話質清晰無噪音干擾,5小時通話時間和一周待機時間堪稱出色。另外值得一提的是該新品附帶一枚卡扣,把耳機主體插入卡扣極大豐富了佩戴方式 
    佩戴方式 入耳式 
    產品重量 5.5 g


    Bluetrek Metal有著時尚小巧的外觀、人性化的設計和世界超薄的名號。